Israeli-palestinian Conflict Hits Cultural Institutions In U S La Instances

There is a sculptural play on a bucking bronco, during which a gold, dragon-like creature shifts forwards and backwards when guests insert a coin. Klingemann explains how he harnesses AI, creating works where the boundaries between human affect and machine creation turn out to be more and more blurred. Botto, as an example, is a project to create an entity that might be perceived as an autonomous artist. “It is set up as a hybrid between an AI that makes its own inventive choices and a group of human stewards that vote on Botto’s proposals and thereby curate the output and indirectly steer the artistic growth of the machine,” he says.

The Artnews High 200 Collectors

This public sale is a unique opportunity for skilled art collectors and fanatics to accumulate limited-edition prints from some…… Rumors floated, suggesting that works from his holdings—including top-quality pieces by the likes of Picasso …